Alisa Safo - Images taken by Hel of a Beauty at the Dream Project

Meet Alisha

I first met Alisha on a group photoshoot day, The Dream Project, even with me shooting with so many other models that day, Alisha stood out to me, not only because of her striking looks but also because of her lovely personality and the fact that she is sooo down to earth, I felt like I had known her ages!

Needless to say this lead to us bouncing off each other really well which lead to us creating magic.

The following sets of images are of the shots we got that day.

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Got to give it up to the amazing hair and makeup artist as well as the designers that were working on the Dream Project, Makeup Artist: Karen Messam, Hairstylist: Brenda Tukei,  Designer: Itsy Bitsy Lingerie.

After the shoot Alisha got in touch in regards to shooting some images for her portfolio and comp card, London Fashion Week was coming up to she wanted to make sure she was ready with new and up to date killer images.

We went for striking black and white images to ad dimension and variety to her portfolio, here are some of my favourites from the shoot.

I caught up with Alisha and asked her a few questions, as this is the first one of these meet the model blogs, that I will be doing regularly, I should explain that I asked these question to help other models out there, to get them inspired by seeing what real working models are up to.

 How long have you been a model?
I’ve been a model for 4 years now

Do you model full time? If not what else do you do?
I model part time, I [also] study bespoke tailoring at London college of fashion

Are you freelance or agency?
I’m a freelance model

What’s jobs has been your fav so far?
My fav jobs is having my hair cut really low by a hairstylist at windle and moodie

Where do you see yourself if 1-2 years?

I see myself as a full time model and having my clothing line set up and ready to be seen 🙂

What’s the no.1 tip you would give to up coming models?
Make sure you educate yourself before getting into the industry
Be bold confident  and don’t be ‘normal ‘

Did you use the images from your shoot with me for your comp card for London fashion week auditions?  Yes I Did!!

Alisa's Comp Card using images by Hel of a Beauty
Alisa’s Comp Card using images by Hel of a Beauty

So how did that work out for her? I hear you ask, well Miss Safo was certainly a busy girl during London Fashion Week and has been unstoppable since, follow her on Instagram @liiissha to see this black girl magic play out.

Here are some snippets from Alisha during London Fashion Week……Vogue anyone?

Did you enjoy this blog post? Stay tuned for more like this from other hardworking models, Stay Motivated & Get Inspired.


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