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I Quit

The Things I Quit

I quit being scared or worried about what other people might think about my personal decisions.

I quit crying over things and people I can’t change.

I quit being angry inside for how others have treated me.

I quit overthinking.

I quit not putting me and my family first

I quit striving for perfection

I quit procrastinating because of what others might think

I quit conforming to the “ideal standards of beauty”

I quit not putting myself out there

I quit image Hel of a Beauty
I quit – Hel of a Beauty

Why Quit?

Happy New month!!!! Ok so stoptober is over but it’s never the wrong time to quit the things that are bad for your overall being.

Affirmations are soooo important and I encourage you too to quit the things that are holding you back from being the you you want to be, grab a pen a paper and write them down. Read them to yourself daily until you don’t need to (because you managed to quit them)

I was inspired to do this by Prince EA the amazing motivational speaker that most of you will know through his wise and usually hard-hitting videos on Facebook.

Join the Movement

I would love to hear what you are quiting, comment below or even better make a post to social media (so you are held accountable). Tag me or use hashtag #iquitthishel

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