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Hel of a Beauty’s vision is to be the market leader in providing high end beauty photography for beauty brands & makeup artists thats share our ethos of circulating images that promote self love, healing and growth for EVERYBODY.

What we see in our day to day can have an effect on how we feel, we at Hel of a Beauty want our contribution to have a positive effect on all those that are seeing them.

Hel of a Beauty offer integrated beauty & photography services that are accessible, ethical & accountable to ours and our clients audiences

All of this with professionalism and integrity at the heart of everything we do.

Services include 

Makeup | Photography | Graphic Design | Retouching | Photography Tutorials for Brand Owners

Meet Helen Leonard – The Brains Behind ‘Hel of a Beauty”

Helen Leonard founder of Hel of a Beauty. Find out more about the company and its founder here.
Meet Helen Leonard the founder of Hel of a Beauty

Starting out in the beauty industry as a trainee hairdresser at just 14, going on to becoming a fully qualified Afro & European hairdresser, then adding to those skills as a Makeup Artist, Helen Leonard has always been an advocate for making women of all ethnicities feel great about themselves through self-care and beauty.

When Helen then went on to train as a photographer and social media content creator this opened her up to the effects that selfies & photography can have on mental health and how we feel about ourselves.

Helen Leonard Hairstyling on a Photoshoot
Helen Hairstyling on a Photoshoot

Helen recognises that living in a social media oriented world has led to a decline in self-esteem. 

“Everyone seems to be fixated on getting approval from others, while they over-analyze their appearance in selfies. This is where it can get dangerous, If you’re taking and posting selfies in the hope of approval from others, it’s more likely to have a negative impact on your mental health and self-esteem.” 

On the flip side Helen and other experts believe that selfies, portraits & photoshoots can be empowering so Helen has made it her mission to promote self love and self growth through Beauty & Photography services provided by Hel of a Beauty.

Hel of a Beauty not only provides brands with image elevating photography services but also provides training and information for beauty brand owners to empower and elevate themselves and their brands image through photography. Hel of a Beauty works on the belief that we can take daily steps to ensure we are not falling into the trap of not feeling enough compared to others we might see on social media, magazines & TV.

Teamwork makes the Dream Work

Helen and her team are well accustomed to working with brands of varied sizes. Depending on the project at hand and what is asked of them, Helen the Hel of a Beauty Team have the ability to be project manager one day, photographer the next day and a makeup artist on the next, making Hel of a Beauty a great asset on any creative project and set.

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Whether you want services for personal branding, photography for your social media or Blog, work with Hel of a Beauty to get a beautifully outstanding images.

 For more information, please call us at 07985 773 500  or email us at info@helofabeauty.com

Collage of Photography & Makeup by Hel of a Beauty
Collage of Photography & Makeup by Hel of a Beauty