Meet Helen – The Brains Behind ‘Hel of a Beauty”

The mastermind and creative genius behind Hel of a Beauty, Helen Leonard launched her company after earning more than 20 years of work experience in the beauty industry.

Helen Leonard founder of Hel of a Beauty offering the ultimate content creation package. Find out more about the company and its founder here.
Meet Helen Leonard the founder of Hel of a Beauty

The phrase “Hell of a Beauty” that inspired “Hel of a Beauty” is one that’s super close to Helen’s heart.  Having worked with major beauty brands and as a professional a makeup artist, she recalls substituting the Hell with Hel as a very good move. The name covers everything that the company stands for, Helen Leonard creating beauty through Makeup & Photography,  Helen of the BEAUTY Industry  

20 Years of Growth in the Beauty Industry

With more than 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, Helen has amassed a number of skill sets which allow her to offer her services as a hairstylist, a makeup artist and a photographer for beauty, fashion and wedding brands. Helen remains truly dedicated to content creation with a creative driving force that pushes her to excel in everything she does.

A Start with Hair Dressing 

Starting at 14 years old, Helen joined the creative side of the beauty industry as a trainee hair dresser and earned her full qualifications as a hairdresser for Afro and European hairdressing. She began offering her services for photo shoots and worked with different wedding and fashion brands.

Helen Leonard Hairstyling on a Photoshoot
Helen Hairstyling on a Photoshoot

Demand for Makeup

Working on photo shoots as a hairdresser, Helen often found clients asking if she offered makeup services as well. Seeing the rising demand for this service, Helen took the time to complete a 1 year course to become a qualified makeup artist.


Evolving into a Photographer

Understanding the role that a good portfolio plays in the hair and makeup industry, Helen had her photoshoots covered by some of the most amazing photographers. While she worked with some big names, that created amazing images, she was sometimes left disheartened when the photographs wouldn’t turn out the way she had envisioned or edits removed a vital creative element in post production. After all the point in a portfolio was to show her skills. 

 Having always had a keen interest in photography, she decided to take matters and the camera into her own hands. She took a 6 month photography course and also gained firsthand experience by working with some amazing professional photographers. 


Introducing Social Media into the Mix

As she successfully helped to create different portfolios, Helen started to get requests for images for content creation relating to social media. She started to work with various makeup artists, fashion and wedding brands to help them with personal branding and digital marketing. Not only is she helping these brands to create outstanding images, but also helping them to reach their full potential through education, with her learning hub  specialising in teaching Photography & Social Media “Lets Create Content”

Hel of a Beauty's Learning hub - Lets Create Content - Logo
Hel of a Beauty’s Learning hub – Lets Create Content – Logo


Teamwork makes the Dream Works

Helen is well accustomed to working in teams and crews of varied sizes. Depending on the project at hand and what is asked of her, Helen has the ability to be project manager one day, photographer the next day and a makeup artist on the next, making her a great asset on any creative project and set.

Get the Hel of a Beauty Experience Today!

Her years of experience in the beauty industry allow her to understand all the creative challenges and plan a way to overcome them. Functioning as a jack of 4 trades and as you will see from her work, a master of each, Hel of a Beauty takes great pride in offering the following services:

  • Photography for portfolios 
  • Fashion makeup services
  • Content creation for personal branding 
  • Digital marketing and social media strategies

Whether you want services for personal branding, photography for your social media or Blog, work with Hel of a Beauty to get a ‘Hell of an experience’ and beautifully outstanding images.

 For more information, please call us at 07985 773 500  or email us at

Collage of Photography & Makeup by Hel of a Beauty
Collage of Photography & Makeup by Hel of a Beauty