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I had the absolute pleasure of shooting for Argentum, another proud sponsor of the stellar 9th Luxury Beauty Brunch. A distinguished highlight of this shoot was the extravagant Skin Cream priced over £200 – La Potion Infinie. This grandeur cream promises an unblemished complexion, serving as an intense hydrator and fortifier at the cellular level.

Argentum’s La Potion Infinie is luxury personified – a skincare maven’s treasure. Given the prestige of the product, I felt a deep obligation to focus all attention on this skincare gem during the shoot. Thus, I eloquently chose a glossy, jet-black look to match the imperial jar.

The goal was clear – to ensure the cream, its packaging, and its associated high-end allure remained the focal point of every image shot. The slick, black glossy theme served as the perfect backdrop, emphasizing the product’s luxurious appeal, while also capturing its stand-alone elegance in the cosmetic industry.

This shoot was about translating a skincare product’s essence into visuals. The glossy look beautifully resonated with the product’s majestic black jar, thereby focusing all the glam & spotlight on La Potion Infinie.

In conclusion, my vision for Argentum’s storefront was to generate photographs that exude the opulence and superiority of La Potion Infinie. By honing in on the product’s packaging and potently focusing on the skin cream itself, I hope to have contributed to embodying the luxury, exclusivity, and top-tier status of the esteemed brand, Argentum.

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