How to get your Mailchimp API

How to get your Mailchimp API

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What is Mailchimp API?

The MailChimp API gives users access to a directory of integrations, which connects MailChimp to hundreds of third party add-ons, plugins, and other useful services, allowing users to create their own connections between MailChimp and other services. In this case we are going to be using it to connect to your website. This will make Automations possible.

How to get my Mailchimp API?

Follow this step-by-step tutorial to get your Mailchimp API successfully.

Step 1— Log Into Your Mailchimp Account

Step 2 — Go to Account Settings

Click Account button on bottom left hand side of the page

Step 3 — Choose Profile

Click on Profile

Step 4 — Click Extras

Click on Extra’s Tab

Step 5 — Choose API Keys

Click on API Keys Tab

Step 6 — Create A Key

Click Create A Key Button

Step 7 - Send to Hel of a Beauty

Copy the API key and add it to your tasks in the Hel of a Beauty Client Portal

Well done! You have now set up a Mailchimp API for your Website. Your mailing list will now be connected to your Website.