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Magazine Shoot -Yasmin Benoit Vs Phaze Clothing Pt 1

I am so happy to be able to finally share these images with you, shot a couple of months back, it's just been a waiting game for the magazine publication to come out. I had a great day with Yasmin Benoit, an alternative model from Berkshire. Yasmin managed to get her hands on some amazing… Continue reading Magazine Shoot -Yasmin Benoit Vs Phaze Clothing Pt 1

Promo Shoot Candid Conversations Season 3 - Photography & Creative Direction by Hel of a Beauty

Brand Shoot for Candid Conversations Ent

CLIENTS BRIEF KIBIBE Bailey, the founder of Candid Conversations Youtube chat show had contacted me to create some promo images for the upcoming Season 3. They planned to film the trailer and introductions to introduce the new cast member and asked me to do a Photoshoot to create content for their social media and website.… Continue reading Brand Shoot for Candid Conversations Ent

Content Created for Model Cards & Portfolios for Alisa Safo & Misty Bailey

Alisa & Misty – Portfolio Shoot

The Brief:¬†Strong Black and White Images for Models Portfolios & Call Cards When I first met Alisa & Misty, I thought they were sisters, they seemed so comfortable with each other and bounced so well off each other, which was endearing to watch. Both are amazing models that never fail to deliver, so when they… Continue reading Alisa & Misty – Portfolio Shoot