Natural Luxe and the Radiance of Vtessia

Enter Vtessia’s world, where natural hair growth oils meet the luxurious touch of gold. Our photo shoot highlights these golden oils against a palette of gold, cream, and white, showcasing Vtessia’s nourishing products.

Simple Elegance

Our images for Vtessia’s online store radiate luxury. We captured the essence of the brand through rich golds, soft creams, and pure whites, creating elegant visuals.

Gilded Beauty

Gold was our inspiration, setting the stage for photos that exude richness and luxury, and emphasize the product’s visual and nutritional appeal.

Products in Motion

We also captured the oils in use for dynamic website and social media content. These lively images demonstrate the product’s application and luxurious feel.

A Snapshot of Luxury

A standout shot of an open bottle exemplifies the product’s value—like liquid gold for hair. The image conveys the oil’s quality and benefits.

Ongoing Content Creation

I’ve had the pleasure of creating numerous images for Vtessia over the years for use on their website and social media pages. Here’s a little selection of my personal favourites!

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