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The Art of Product Photography: A Glow Up for Ataji Hair Care

First impressions are incredibly powerful, particularly online where a quick look can make or break a customer’s interest. The right images are often key to an online business’s success. Our work with Ataji Hair Care exemplifies this perfectly. They wanted a stunning website makeover, a transformation to take their site from dull to fascinating. And that’s precisely what we aimed to deliver for Ataji Hair Care.

The Setting

For Ataji’s product photography, I selected a perfectly white bathroom scene. Bathrooms not only make sense for showcasing hair care items but also offer a clean, contemporary backdrop. We picked a white background for two main reasons. First, it offers a clear space that draws the eye to the products. More crucially, it makes Ataji’s elegant black bottles pop.

The Products

In product photoshoots, the product is always the main focus. Ataji’s hair care products were perfect for this role. Their elegant black bottles looked even more sophisticated against a simple white backdrop, which made sure the products stood out beautifully.

The Natural Element

Ataji’s hair care line is not just nice to look at; it’s also filled with natural goodness, which is exactly what Ataji wanted to show off in their pictures. To do this, I used a lively red flower to bring some life to the scene. The bold red color stood out against the black and white background, hinting at the powerful natural ingredients in their products.

Brand Recognition

Product photography has a special way of making a brand memorable. Ataji’s trademark colour is a vibrant red. This red was cleverly included in the pictures with the use of a red flower. Placed next to the black bottles and white background, the red really stood out, reminding viewers of Ataji’s brand image.

The photo shoot for Ataji Hair Care was more about evolving the brand than reinventing it. We aimed to change how they appear online, focusing on their story of elegance, powerful natural ingredients, and lasting quality, not just selling products. The outcome was a stunning upgrade for a deserving brand.

Interested in a makeover for your brand? Get in touch, and let’s capture the heart of your brand in stunning photos.

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