Life of a Tree

Capturing the Essence of 'Life of a Tree': An Organic, Vegan Journey
Life of a Tree Product Photography-By-Hel-of-a-Beauty - Oil, Seed & Powder

I had the pleasure of telling the inspiring story of ‘Life of a Tree’. This isn’t just a company that makes products; it’s a group dedicated to ethical practices, growing things naturally, and creating pure, vegan Moringa Oleifera from lush Nigerian farms.

The Story’s Setting

To tell this story visually, I used a big piece of wood and some leaves. These natural elements, set against the greenery of their farms, highlighted the company’s commitment to organic production and cleverly reflected their name.

Life of a Tree Product Photography-By-Hel-of-a-Beauty - Seed
Life of a Tree Seeds – Product Photography

The Visionary Behind the Scenes

‘Life of a Tree’ was started by an expert from Writtle agricultural college. He combines Western farming techniques with his knowledge to farm sustainably and meet European organic standards. Our photoshoot showcased these methods, blending the beauty of nature with scientific farming.

Life of a Tree Product Photography-By-Hel-of-a-Beauty - Powder
Life of a Tree Powder – Product Photography

The Impact of Each Photo

We didn’t use Moringa leaves or powders in our photos, letting the product’s natural green color stand out. This vibrant color speaks to the product’s freshness and quality, reinforcing the brand’s dedication to pureness.

Life of a Tree Product Photography-By-Hel-of-a-Beauty - Set
Life of a Tree Set – Product Photography

Embodying Their Principles

At its core, ‘Life of a Tree’ is vegan and against animal cruelty. Our photos highlighted this deep commitment, capturing the brand’s promise to be ethically and environmentally responsible.

Reflecting on this photoshoot, it was more than just taking pictures—it was an exploration into organic farming, ethical values, and celebrating Moringa Oleifera. The photos didn’t just show products but a relentless journey to care for our planet with vegan products.

For future shoots, I’d consider using a different colour background or better lighting to avoid washing out the whites. The photos have served well; the company has featured them on their website and social media for years. However, I’m always looking to improve.

If you’re interested in a photoshoot for your product, let’s talk about how we can capture your unique story.

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