Captivating 'Vamped': A Halloween Passion Project with A Spooky Twist

Step into the enchanting and eerie world of “Vamped,” a Halloween-themed photoshoot where fright meets fun. We’ll give you an inside look at the making of this captivating project.

This Halloween inspired shoot was a cohesive collaboration, bringing together the exceptional talents of models Precious Oni & Shana, the striking hairstyling skills of Hair by Grace, and the radiant vampy makeup done by Danni.

Precious Oni & Shana: The Vamps of the Night

Meet Precious Oni and Shana, our models who became the enchanting Vamps of the Night. They embraced their roles with professionalism, creating a mesmerizing and spooky tableau. Precious upped the ante by introducing blood to their look, adding to the shoot’s chilling vibe.

Hairbygrace: Crafting Sinister Elegance

Our hairstylist from Hairbygrace transformed simplicity into elegance, creating hairstyles that were both dark and sophisticated. Her meticulous attention to detail ensured our models looked the part for “Vamped.”

Danni: The Maestro of Vampy Makeup

Makeup artist Danni was the master behind the vampy makeup looks. Her skillful use of colour turned our models into otherworldly beings, capturing the essence of a haunting Halloween night.

Amplifying the Atmosphere with Stellar Styling

The styling was all about striking a balance between minimalism and impact. The models wore stockings and select jewelry, achieving a style that was both spooky and elegant, accentuating the Halloween theme.

Experimenting with Eerie Lighting

I decided to mix things up and play around with some green and red gel lights. The colours they threw onto the scene were so cool and totally changed the vibe. It gave everything this eerie glow that amped up the spooky feel of our story. It was the perfect finishing touch, no doubt!

“Vamped” wasn’t just a nod to Halloween glam; it was a celebration of creativity and collaboration. It was a reminder of the exciting possibilities that come from working together to tell a story.

I’m always down for some awesome collaborations! If you’re a Makeup Artist, Model, Hairstylist, or Set Designer looking to team up, get in touch!

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